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Human Resources Policy

The main targets of Human Resources Policies are to design and apply processes that enable the employees reflect their knowledge, skills and capabilities into their works. Preserving ALFA values, extend “We are a family” consciousness towards achieving our goals to create a cultural institution by highly motivated employee.
Recruitment Process
Long-term success, hiring the right people and is based on the continuity of work. Recruitment process, our goal is the success of our shop you will add value to our organization is to include people.
Employee selection and placement main principle is to be expected, the competencies (knowledge, skills, behaviors), with highly educated, innovative, proactive, with the potential to develop themselves and their jobs, team work, more likely, people will offer to acquire to adopt our values.
Interviews conducted by the Human Resources Directorate and the relevant Section Manager, the position required by the personality inventory, and competency tests. Human Resources department by completing a job offer from the final stage performs research in reference to the remaining candidates.
Educational Attainment
Staff training and development of our institutions by providing support, both personal and in their professional development to contribute to the sense, at work and motivation to increase performance, maximize the efficiency of the company aims to strengthen the communication between them.
In-house and external training programs are held in this direction.
Performance Management
Performance management with the aim to maximize the performance of our employees, as an objective measure of individual performance plans to build a career and personal development, increase their motivation, "co-workers" with the company's performance.
Career Planning
Filling of vacancies within the company to the extent possible, in principle, be accepted. In this respect, the venture's performance of existing staff, knowledge, skills, personality traits, training and experience shall be promoted by taking into consideration criteria such as time.