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Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In conducting its activities of production at the highest level of quality, ALFA Engineering And Construction considers the issue of unexceptional protection of occupational health and safety of its employers and continuous improvement of the working environment as one of its main targets. In this context, we commit ourselves to provide and maintain the following conditions:

  • Provision of elimination of occupational health and safety risks through preventive actions,
  • Provision of continuous improvement as regards to OHS issues,
  • Strictly obeying the applicable OHS legislation in force, administrative regulations and conditions of subscribed organizations,
  • Provision of training so as to make both direct company personnel and the employees of subcontractors aware  of their individual OHS responsibilities,
  • Periodic review of OHS Policy so as to maintain compliance with conditions,

Reciprocal exchange of OHS experience acquired with public, private sector entities and non-governmental organizations.